Just Write

"Just write."

That's what I heard when I stopped long enough to ask, "Now what?"

There's a lot to running a business. When I started GraceMoves in 2006, I (like many other coaches) had the naive expectation that it would pretty much run itself. I had no idea how much time I would have to spend on marketing, networking, bookkeeping, scheduling and just general office stuff.

Self-promotion is extremely uncomfortable for me and I really hate being the center of attention. What I enjoy is drawing out others, helping them to see who they really are and to discover that "pearl of great price" within, not talking about myself.

But how do I make a living without a lot of self-promotion?

So now I'm asking and what I hear is, "Just write."

"Write what?!"

I don't have the answer yet, but I'm willing to listen and see what comes. So this year I will be doing more writing. I'm guessing much of it will come out in this blog. I hope in some way it will be useful to you but I am willing to trust the process and just write. Your comments and critical reviews are more than welcome.

Happy New Year!