An idea has circulated amongst humanity for millennia. We are all connected. We share a common biosphere, a collective history, a shared sense of the physical. Our experiences interweave, our lives intertwine, and our psyches interconnect. Like the atoms and neutrinos that make our fabric, we fuse together or flow through on our journeys, each little interaction affecting our individual selves. And we feel like, if we just reach out, if we think hard enough, or if we enhance our mind a little- we can bask in oneness.

Then there is deep despair at the fleeting glimpses of what could be.

Perhaps the new inter-connectivity of our created electronic sphere attempts to mimic a truer connectedness. It promises the opportunity to not only connect with your neighbor but with your fellow human ten thousand miles away. But it falls short, like a drug, and in the end we still feel largely disconnected and lonely. Is that irony?

Our hearts ache for a slower time. We yearn for inner quiet. We stare longingly at the greenscapes. We sigh deep breaths- expelling our neglected dreams hoping someone will adopt them and nurture them.

Thus we return to tradition. We begin to consciously seek these little moments of wonder. We undertake internal explorations. We appreciate nature. We re-claim our dreams. We learn how to touch in to ourselves and become whole.

Then, if we're lucky, we can begin to touch others. Meaningfully, lovingly, consciously. We can begin to connect towards oneness.

But the journeying towards the oneness begins within our own one.

By Guest Blogger, Kristina Monan Page, owner of Nimbus Massage.