Bird in a Blizzard

As I write, snow is falling and I'm listening to my favorite on-line radio station. The peace is palpable. 

A bird sits atop a tree outside the window, like the star on a Christmas tree. No attempt is made to seek shelter from the storm -- on the contrary, like me, it seems to enjoy the view. 

I love to watch the falling snow; few things are more beautiful to me. It covers the ground with a blanket of peace, slowing us down, quieting the earth with crystalline beauty.

How does it feel to be a bird in a blizzard? It sits there so still, in defiant calmness. What can I learn from this brave little bird?

"Don't be afraid," it seems to say. "There's beauty in the storm. Go to the highest point you can reach -- the view is better there. No point in trying to fly in the middle of a storm. Better to sit still and wait it out. Your wings will take you farther when it's over."

Hmm... Who knew that a bird had so much to say?

Look for beauty in the storms of life.

Gain a new perspective.

Practice patience.

You've got wings!

~Mimi Weaver, December 28, 2006 in Boulder, CO