Decide to Try

do something.jpg
Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.
— Unknown

It's hard for me as a coach to admit this, but for the past several days I have been feeling a bit lackluster and foggy headed, lacking in motivation and inspiration. The truth of the above quote came home to me yesterday, though, on a couple of occasions.

First, I made it to yoga class, even though I almost turned around and went back home as I was making my way there because my stomach wasn't feeling quite right. And I was really glad I persisted. I made it through the entire class just fine and my body was grateful for the exercise. 

Second, I didn't "feel like" fixing dinner, not knowing what to fix, and yet once I decided to try I was able to concoct a delicious meal, a kind of stir fry with leftover fingerling potatoes, onions, garlic, mushrooms and green peppers. With a salad on the side, it was quick, easy, healthy and I felt really good about my accomplishment. 

Two very small examples of pushing through and accomplishing something even when I didn't feel like it, yet I know how I would have felt if I hadn't even tried. 

One last example... I didn't feel like writing a blog post this morning, and now it's done! I feel better already.

Do or do not... there is no try.
— Yoda