Couples Coaching

  • Would you like to get the sticky places in your relationship unstuck?
  • Does your relationship sometimes feel more like a battle ground than a place of nurture and support?
  • Are you longing for a deeper, more peaceful connection?


Relationship is the best and the hardest place to practice your highest ideals. In Couples Coaching, you will learn how to create a relationship that brings out the best in each of you, a relationship of deep connection, acceptance and appreciation for who you are as individuals and as a couple.

This is not therapy or counseling, but an opportunity to learn how to communicate in a way that builds understanding, compassion and authentic connection.


Mimi led my husband and me on a fabulous journey of discovery.  After 23 years of marriage you might think you know everything about each other - but you don’t!  Mimi helped us clarify issues that seemed  huge... but were actually quite simple to address.  

Through coaching, we gained better understanding of our emotional needs and how to communicate them to each other, improved our understanding of what is important to each other, gained a deeper appreciation for our accomplishments as a couple, and began developing our vision of the future.  

With those new skills in place, we picked out our dream home, just accepted an offer on our current home and are moving to a new adventure that neither one of us could have imagined just a year ago!!  We are both thrilled to be moving on with a very exciting chapter in our lives that could lead to... well, we just don’t know yet, but it is going to be a wonderful journey. 

I feel so content with myself these days... and for the first time in a LONG time everything is falling into place... instead of falling apart.
— Jan Monnier, April 2009