2010 in a Nutshell

"A year of political upsets, earth-shaking disasters and heart-stopping courage, with a soundtrack of vuvuzelas and grown men sobbing." 
--Jeremy Vine, The Telegraph

That's the opening sentence of only one of a multitude of Year in Review articles for 2010. Mr. Vine goes on to say that "memories are 97 per cent personal – this was the year your brother became a father, your mother got ill, you fell stupidly in love with the local florist, got that great new job and crashed your scooter – so public events compete for limited head space."

I think reviewing your life periodically can be beneficial, though, and what better time than the eve of a new year to do that?  If you had to write an opening sentence like the one above for your personal 2010 Year in Review, what would it say?

Here's mine: "A year of discovery, risk-taking and letting go, with a soundtrack of silence and peace." 

Share your opening sentence in the comments section below... I'd love to read it!