Let Go and UnKnow

Have you ever had the frustration of completing a task, or creating something you thought was beautiful, only to have someone or something come along behind you and undo everything you worked so hard to accomplish? 

Maybe, like me, you've worked for hours on a project only to have your computer decide it doesn't want to save your work. That happened to me just yesterday. 

But that's not all.

Anna, the ever-present puppy, also decided to unmake the bed yesterday. Who knows why? When I saw the pillows on the floor and the bedspread pulled all the way back with Anna sleeping on her self-made nest of sheets and blankets, all I could do was laugh.

So I'm wondering what the message is in this. Who or what is trying to get my attention? 

In an odd sort of way, it reminds me of The Cloud of UnKnowing. The very title of that book reminds me that each time I think I "know" something or someone, I have to let it go; that sense of confidence in "knowing" prevents me from being fully present to what is. 

These recent undoings of work and bed also serve as a reminder to hold myself and my work lightly. My tendency to want to "make things happen" rather than allowing them to unfold in God's time and in God's way can waste precious time and energy in the wrong direction. I need to listen and pay attention to know when and where to act.

As for Anna and the unmade bed. . . I guess in this moment I'm just grateful to have a bed. And a dog (I think).